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Please note: Our Kitchen is not a NUT FREE environment

Luv for Lentils

(Dairy & Gluten Free)

  1. Stewed Yellow Lentils (Dal) - Slow cooked and tempered with cumin seeds and onions... a staple Indian comfort food
  2. Green Kale & Lentil Waffles - Amazing how something this delicious could pack such a punch of protein
  3. Moong Dal Crepes - Crispy crepes stuffed with Swiss chard & red peppers is a great anytime snack
  4. Lentil Pakora - Crispy moong dal pakoras with mint chutney is a favorite in my house


  1. Grilled Tandoori Tofu - Marinated in a delicious blend of Indian spices and yogurt... baked till crisp
  2. Rogan Tandoori Mushrooms - Stuffed mushrooms & paneer coated with hot turmeric sauce and spices... baked to perfection on a stick (gluten free)
  3. Samosas - Little bundles stuffed with a mild spicy mixture of potatoes and peas... perfect with a cup of Indian tea (dairy free)
  4. Potato Patties - Peas and potatoes mixed with Indian spices make this dish the staple of any Indian gathering... the tikka (patty) is crisp from outside and soft & delicious from inside (dairy & gluten free)
  5. Swiss Chard Pakoras - A twist on one of the most famous Indian street food... a medley of vegetables lightly coated in gram flour and fried till crisp (dairy & gluten free)

Make your Own

  1. Ghee - Clarified butter makes everything taste so much better... adds that extra punch to any dish you cook
  2. Paneer - Learn to make yourown cottage cheese
  3. Garam Masala - The secret ingredient in almost all Indian dishes... almost all homes having their own unique recipe to create this magical spice
  4. Mango Lassi - Sweet and creamy yogurt drink... lip smacking, yet good for you
  5. Tea - Yes... we put spices in our tea also

Beyond Dishes

  1. Lemon Rice - Tangy rice with lots of lemon zest juice and mustard seeds (dairy & gluten free)
  2. Indian Rice Pilaf - Aromatic & delicious... goes well with any curry or just plain yogurt too (dairy & gluten free)
  3. Potato Onion Raita - Cool off all the heat with this yogurt accompaniment... a must on any Indian dinner table
  4. Naan Bread - This flatbread (pita) from the north of India will make you fall in love with Indian food... food network describes it as a juxtaposition at its most beautiful: pillowy & elastic with charred bubbles and a crispy base
  5. Rice Pudding - Originated in the kitchens of the Indian Nawabs... sweetened rice cooked in milk till velvety, with a dash of rose water making it an exceptional end to any meal
  6. Spicy Hash Browns - My family's take on this American classic is also my husband's favorite Sunday brunch (dairy & gluten free) 

Main Course

(Gluten Free)

  1. Curried Cashew Gobhi (Cauliflower) - Slow cooked cauliflower in cashew & tomato curry... develop deep, rich and delicious flavors
  2. Saag Paneer - Sumptuous to look at; scrumptious to eat... a red, white and green medley.  Velvety paneer wrapped in spinach and cooked in tomato curry
  3. Curried Channa Masala - Channa (Chickpeas), tea leaves & aromatic spices, combined w/ flavorful brown onion and tomato masala curry (dairy free)
  4. Malai Kofta - Potato dumplings stuffed with nuts and dried fruits served in creamy cashew & coconut curry
  5. Egg Curry - A delicious twist to boiled eggs... soaked in tomato onion curry served with naan
  6. Smoked Eggplant & Corn Mash-Up - Charred eggplant with lots of garlic adding a punch to this simple dish (dairy free)
  7. Butter Paneer with Vegetable Medley -Red, green & yellow peppers with paneer in a rich creamy curry is a treat for hungry eyes and palate
  8. Tikka Masala -Paneer (substitute with Tofu at our place, or non-veg choice of protein at yours) marinated in an aromatic yogurt sauce, simmered in a creamy onion & tomato curry
  9. Vegetable Korma -Medley of colorful vegetables in a creamy cashew, greek yogurt, poppy seeds & tomato sauce
  10. Bhindi (Okra) Do-Pyaaza - Fresh okra simmered in rich onion & tomato curry, made creamy with cashews & coconut milk (dairy & gluten free)